November 2018


Dear AAIM Colleagues,


Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to represent our fine organization as your President for the upcoming year!


Recently, many of us had the opportunity to gather for our 127th annual meeting and triennial course in Seattle, Washington. Congratulations to Dr. John White, our immediate past President, and the scientific program committee led by Dr. Bradley Heltemes, for a truly excellent meeting! The program exceeded expectations while covering cutting edge medical and industry topics along-side the practical and in-depth learning as part of the triennial course.


In addition, congratulations and sincere thanks for the AAIM Officers, Committee Chairs and Members, Executive Council and Delegates who continually manage, enhance and evolve the organization. As I reflect on the quality of our meetings, educational programs, Journal of Insurance Medicine and active committees, I am continually impressed by the passion, dedication, and generosity of our volunteers who make this organization. To all our volunteers, I look forward to our ongoing work together ahead and thank you!


At the recent Seattle meeting, AAIM member, Dr. Bradley Heltemes was honored with the AAIM President's Award for his multiple volunteer contributions to our organization. Congratulations, Dr Brad!


I take this opportunity to welcome YOU to explore the many volunteer opportunities within our organization. Please consider getting involved!


I am proud to be an AAIM member and volunteer. While considering the rich history of our members contributions to medicine and insurance, I am also aware of our responsibility to keep our relevance in changing times. I look forward to bringing new advances and ideas to our programs this coming year. With the help of Dr Tony Norelli as our 2019 Program Chair, we have assembled an outstanding group as our 2019 program committee. Plans are already underway to continue the rich tradition of providing a high quality scientific program at our 128th annual meeting.


SAVE THE DATE! Please plan to join us for the 128th American Academy of Insurance Medicine annual meeting, September 22-25, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee! We are excited to bring AAIM to a new exciting destination – Downtown Nashville! We will capitalize on the best of Nashville for memorable scientific – and social programs for the meeting. Stay tuned!


As we begin a new year for AAIM with a new Executive, please know I am committed to serve you, the members. Please let me know what you want for AAIM and how I can help.


Best regards,


Marianne Cumming, MSc, MD, DBIM, FALU

President, American Academy of Insurance Medicine

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